Still hanging on

Don’t worry I am still here. Things have been super chaotic the last couple of months. I seem to have my health in check and the house is finally a house again instead of a place I just stay and store my junk. The wife passed her final exams and will be graduating with her Masters degree in History next month so that is another burden off of both of our shoulders. What do you mean I didn’t do anything? You obviously have not been married to someone who is in graduate school. You end up helping them with all sorts of things so they can study and not stress out. Still working on getting on the transplant list but I have a few cavities to deal with first.

Well enough about me; on to the blog! I have not been inspired to actually do anything with this blog until lately. I admit my lack of good health has made me lazy these last couple of months. After looking at some Thanksgiving recipes and browsing through my renal safe recipe list I have once again been inspired to start cooking. Now the question is; what do I make? Any suggestions? I know your reading this; I can see you…sorta. Don’t be afraid to use the comment box below. I have made it to where anyone can use it without registering.

I have decided that I am not above posting recipes from other people and places on this blog. Though, I really do want to incorporate more photos into this blog. I personally do love to see an image of what I am about to eat. Due to the fact that this is a free blog at the moment I will only be showing images of the final dish instead of the step-by-step process as I would like to. When I find a better solution for image storage this will change. Also, please keep in mind that I am an amateur photographer and I am just entering the world of food photography.

With that said I am glad to be back on the wagon…or chuck wagon as it were.


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