Project 2014: May Update

Can you believe that it’s already May? It’s been five months since a lot of us have made New Years Resolutions. I wonder how many people are keeping their resolutions? I know I have been pretty bad at it. Usually I would say “Though, it’s not for a lack of trying” but in this case I can’t. It turns out that out of sight really is out of mind. I had forgotten all about my list because I never saw it. I have hence solved this problem by printing the list out and placing right on my freezer door so every time I walk up to the refrigerator it is at eye level.

Just in case you don’t remember the list, I know I didn’t, here it is.

Project 2014

The Goals:

  1. I will post a recipe on the blog every two weeks from January to March. Then I will post one recipe a week for the first three weeks of the month giving myself the last week to come up with new ideas and such.
  2. From April on one recipe on the blog a month will be for the Dining on Dialysis: Around the World Project.
  3. I will continue to go to the gym on the days I do not have dialysis excluding Sundays.
  4. In the Spring and Summer I will trade one gym day a week for a walk outside if the weather is good.
  5. Every Saturday I will clean my apartment for one hour. During that hour all electronics will be turned off, or at least put away.
  6. I will have my closets organized by March. Period.
  7. I will have my PC moved on to a computer desk in my bedroom by June.
  8. I will hang art on my walls and decorate here and there once a month.
  9. I will borrow a hanging art piece from the library once a month that I will hang over the couch. This will not count towards number 8.
  10. I will set aside 20 minutes every night to journal about the day. Expect those nights that I have had a bad dialysis treatment, then I will do so the next morning.


I know, it’s a pretty exhausting list but let’s see how I did.


  1. Totally failed on this one but I am getting better.
  2. I am working on this and I am getting better at it.
  3. I am doing well on this, I usually go to the gym on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I need to start working Saturday in.
  4. I am thinking of just walking on Saturdays instead of going to the gym, we shall see.
  5. So far I have done alright with this, the only electronic I have on is the radio so I don’t get too distracted.
  6. DONE! This was a pain in the butt but I got it all done. 
  7. I am putting this off until the Summer as I plan on buying a five shelf Wire Pantry Rack and a Printer before I buy a computer desk.
  8. So far so good! I have some art I bought on the walls and I have a place over my couch dedicated to artwork I can checkout from the Library.
  9. See number 8.
  10. So far not so good, I have only done this twice. I will make a better effort towards this as time goes on.

All and all this has been a good mix of success and setbacks. I won’t say failures because unless I don’t do something at all by the end of the year there is no way for me to fail at any of these.

How are your New Years Resolutions coming? Share with us in the comments section below.

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