Project 2012: Update 01

The Goals:

  1. Stop drinking store bought soda by April.
  2. Stop consuming dairy products of any kind (except the occasional cheese at a get together) by February.
  3. Take my blood pressure twice a day on non-dialysis days by February.
  4.  Come up with a system to make sure I always take my phosphorous binders with every meal by February.
  5. Come up with a system to make sure that I am not going over my liquid restriction by March.
  6. Start exercising five minutes a day the first week of January, ten minutes the second week, and so on until I reach thirty minutes a day.
  7. Go outside once a day by March is weather allows.
  8. Start making a weekly meal plan and stick with it by April.
  9. Make one new recipe for the blog once a week by March.
  10. Write my wife a love note once a week by March.
  11. Find ways to spend more time with my wife by March.

Impressive isn’t it? I came up with all of those things to help improve my state of being. Want to know how its working out so far? Okay. Just remember, YOU asked for it!

  1. I only drink Ginger ale on Fridays and Sundays when at a friend’s house. That’s better than everyday though.
  2. Doing great on this one.
  3. Failed completely. I need to get the blood pressure machine out and actually use it.
  4. I found an iPhone app that helps remind me that I need to take my medicine.
  5. I just use a tally system on the white board. My wife will yell at me if I go over my limit.
  6. So far this has turned in to me walking two miles on non-dialysis days.
  7. Doing great on this one!
  8. Failed completely. I need to get on the ball.
  9. I have actually been doing this but have not been able to share them with you, yet.
  10. I have done this twice. I REALLY need to get on the ball….before she beats me.
  11. I have instated Wednesday movie/TV night. I know it’s not much but its better than it was.

Not the inspiring testament that you were hoping for? Well, sorry, I am only human. A very, very, ill human at that. If you read the last post you will understand why. I will start instating monthly updates to let you know where I am in all of this.

So, what have YOU done? Any of your resolutions sticking? I would love to hear all about it in the comment section below.

Keep being awesome,

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4 Responses to “Project 2012: Update 01”

  1. drgirlfriend says:

    What you’re doing IS inspiring! Any time a person proposes and implements changes in their life it is reason to celebrate. Yeah, there’s more you want to do but a start is a start. Congratulations! I stopped doing resolutions ages ago, so nothing to report there. I do more often find myself saying “Aw hell no! I’m too old for that shit!” and then doing/not doing something for the first time. Maybe that’s progress.

  2. What you are doing is amazing. The turtle didn’t win the race being fast, he did it one slow step at a time. And your more likely to stick with it.

    I have been doing well on my goals, walking . I plan on doing on 8km walk this Sunday. And hopefully in a couple weeks I plan on buying a bike to go on the bike trails.

    I awhile ago you mentioned you had a recipe for homemade ginger ale, do share.

  3. Sandip says:

    Found this site on Ask. This was a decent artclie. I’d like to see you take the main point from this post and create another separate artclie, and maybe you could include a video, also?

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