Crispy Chicken

This is one of my favorite weekday recipes it’s fast, easy, and you can make a large batch because they store and reheat well. Have you every gone to a Chinese restaurant and had General Tsos or Sesame Chicken? Well this isn’t exactly like that because we don’t deep fry the chicken but this is the same batter they use to make the chicken so crispy. One of my favorite things to do is dip the chicken in different types of mustard or toss it with some hot sauce.

Buffalo Kidney Walk 2014

We are just a week away from this years Kidney Walk in Buffalo! I know I know it’s a bit late to be writing about this but hey look on the bright side, last year I waited until the day before to write anything. See? Improvement!  I will be doing my part by walking again this year and by raising money for the fundraiser. This year I want to talk about why it is important to donate to the Kidney Walk.

Summer Tip: Ice Cream Substitute

It’s hot. If you are anything like me all you want is a large glass of Ice Tea or even better Ice Cream, but we both know that we shouldn’t. The more fluid we put on before treatment is more fluid that we have to carry and that our hearts have to deal with. Then we have even more to take off during treatment and that leads to cramping and low blood pressure.  So what are we to do? Well I stumbled on an interesting solution that not only cooled me down, slaked my thirst, and proved to be a […]

Cajun Chicken

Way back on Mardi Gras I tried to make a Cajun chicken pasta. I pretty much followed the standard recipe and the only things I changed is that I omitted salt, butter, and heavy cream. Yeah, it kind of turns out that those are the three things that make Cajun chicken pasta amazing. Last weekend it hit me that the chicken itself tasted fine it was the sauce that was horrid. Don’t ever try to use Almond Milk as a replacement for heavy cream in savory recipes, it just sucks. This time around I just decided to make the chicken and then put […]

Cajun Seasoning

Cajun Seasoning is another one of my favorite spice mixtures, I will end up using it on anything from chicken, to fish, to my morning eggs.


Friday Night Dinner: 10/12/12

Sorry about no photo but hey it’s better than no update at all right?

So I had this idea; “What if I just sit down on Friday nights after eating dinner and just tell you guys what I had for dinner?” Then I remembered that I am usually at a friend’s house on Friday nights. Though, we haven’t been doing that for a while now. Then I thought; “Why not just make it a random thing? Like once a week.”  At least this will get me posting once a week.

So here we go!

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Popcorn Seasonings

No…that’s not not burnt popcorn its coarsely ground pepper.

My wife wakes me up at 7am today and asks me to take her to work. Not really a big deal since today is an off day for me. After I brave the INSANE traffic to get her to work she asks me to clean the house as we will be having guests on Friday. This was a little annoying as I wanted today to myself but oh well. After I dropped her off I stopped by the store to get something to drink and snack on. My phosphorus had been a little high so I decided to be good and try my hand at making stove-top popcorn.

Then I decided that plan popcorn probably tastes horrible. So I spent a few minutes looking around the internet for ideas and here is what I came up with.

**NOTE: Here’s the thing, the following amounts are enough to flavor a one gallon ziptop bag because I always make at least enough to fill two one gallon bags.**

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A gift of awesome

I got a late and unexpected birthday present tonight! This book has been sitting on my Amazon wish-list for a couple of years now, though I am not complaining at all. It’s the one, the only “Alton Brown’s Gear for Your Kitchen“! It’s been very hard for me to put this book down all night. Then I made an amazing discovery, Alton tucked in a few recipes here and there in the book as well. It may be a little unmanly but…*Squee!*

This has just added fuel to my fire so to speak. I have always had a passion for cooking but lately I haven’t had much of a passion for anything. But with this gift, and the fact that I came up with over 45 recipe ideas yesterday, I am hoping to revitalize my passion for cooking.

It was very hard work but I think I have come up with some great dialysis friendly recipes lately. I just tested one tonight and it was amazing!….I really should have taken a photo of it before the wife and I ate it all but it wasn’t that photogenic anyway.

Speaking of which, I have really gotten into photography lately. I still have my old Sony Cybershot that my parents got for me back in 2006 I think. It doesn’t have the best manual control ever but so far its been a great camera to learn on. Why? Because it was free! Yeah I know, I’m cheap. To be honest I might not have gotten into photography if it wasn’t for the fact that I already had a camera. What I REALLY want is a Canon Rebel (I’m not sure which one yet) but have you seen the price tag on that thing? It’s over $500! Oh well, maybe one day I will have a nice basic SLR.

I am feeling really good about this project again, lets hope it sticks this time.

Well I am off to bed. I have to be up for treatment in about seven hours from now.

Keep being awesome,


I suppose I haven’t posted anything lately because I have been muddling through my depression. Dialysis has only recently become a tolerable experience thanks to my new access. I am slowly but steadily getting my energy and a more sunny disposition back. I’m not sure when I will feel like cleaning up my kitchen and getting back to making new recipes. Lately, my kitchen has been a wreck and I have been living off of ham sandwiches day after day after day because that’s the only thing I have the energy to make.

Other then all of that I am doing well.

Just remember; “When in doubt, break the herbs and spices out!” – Me

Keep being awesome,

Dining on Dialysis: Around the World!

I was tossing around ideas the other day about how to keep me engaged in this blog project of mine, and by proxy you the reader as well. I was using the wife as a sound board and we came up with the idea of themes. Then we decided “What about dialysis friendly food around the world?” The wife wanted to call it around the world in 80 plates but I have just found out that it’s already a television show, oh well. For now anyway we shall call it “Dining on Dialysis: Around the World” until something catcher takes.

Now comes the really fun part, figuring out what countries will make the cut. I thought it would be best to make a goal to stop at, that way I have something I can achieve instead of this going on for all of eternity…or at least until December if you believe that.

The first country will be my home, the USA, and what could be more american then a hamburger? right? Don’t worry, you wont have to wait very long either. I already have the recipe all tested, typed up, and calculated so I will be ready to roll soon.

So now I look to you, hopefully someone is reading this, to submit some ideas for countries you want to see make the list. All you have to do is go to the top of the page, click Questions, and fill out the form…or just click here and fill out the form.

This is your chance to make me cook something you want to eat!

Keep being awesome,

What’s been going on

I suppose it would have been a good idea to tell everyone what is going on with me. On May 14th I had a Basilic Vein Transposition surgery. Basicly they moved the basilic vien from the bottom of my arm to the top so it could be used as an access. I am just now able to move around normally. Hopefully in the next few weeks I will be up and posting recipes again.

Keep being awesome,

Project 2012: Update 01

The Goals:

  1. Stop drinking store bought soda by April.
  2. Stop consuming dairy products of any kind (except the occasional cheese at a get together) by February.
  3. Take my blood pressure twice a day on non-dialysis days by February.
  4.  Come up with a system to make sure I always take my phosphorous binders with every meal by February.
  5. Come up with a system to make sure that I am not going over my liquid restriction by March.
  6. Start exercising five minutes a day the first week of January, ten minutes the second week, and so on until I reach thirty minutes a day.
  7. Go outside once a day by March is weather allows.
  8. Start making a weekly meal plan and stick with it by April.
  9. Make one new recipe for the blog once a week by March.
  10. Write my wife a love note once a week by March.
  11. Find ways to spend more time with my wife by March.

Impressive isn’t it? I came up with all of those things to help improve my state of being. Want to know how its working out so far? Okay. Just remember, YOU asked for it!

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Don’t worry I am still alive and kicking. The last couple of months have been rather rough on me. For starters my access has mostly stopped working. I have to have a graft put in soon. Well, that or have a vein moved up from the bottom of my arm and that just sounds too painful. That and it requires me to have a heart catheter for two months. Nooo thank you!

Luckily, I have been amassing a large collection of renal safe dishes to start the blog up and going again!

Look for me soon!

Random Tip: Exercise Apples!

I decided to start walking again since the weather is so nice out but I have a slight problem. I was a little over my limit when I went into treatment on Tuesday. I left treatment with 2.6 kg extra on me. What to do, what to do? I have to be extra careful so I don’t go over the max amount that they can take out of me. Which is 4 kg at a time by the way. Any more then that and I start cramping and my blood pressure just tanks.

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Tapioca Pudding

I was out with friends a while back and someone had said “How awesome would Tapioca Pudding be right now?” Then it hit me, maybe I could make that renal friendly! To be honest, this was not the easiest thing I have made yet but not the hardest either. Have I confused you yet? Good, I like to keep you guessing…it buys me time.

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