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Summer Tip: Ice Cream Substitute

It’s hot.

If you are anything like me all you want is a large glass of Ice Tea or even better Ice Cream, but we both know that we shouldn’t. The more fluid we put on before treatment is more fluid that we have to carry and that our hearts have to deal with. Then we have even more to take off during treatment and that leads to cramping and low blood pressure. 

So what are we to do?

Well I stumbled on an interesting solution that not only cooled me down, slaked my thirst, and proved to be a healthy snack.

What is this amazing thing?

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Carrot Salad

Image and Recipe idea courtesy of The Nourishing Gourmet

I was in the kitchen pondering what I could make for dinner when all of a sudden I had a brilliant idea. I am not going to tell you the full scope of this idea but I will tell you that this amazing recipe is what goes on top of it, you’ll just have to come back to find out.

Carrot Slaw is what I originally wanted to put on top of my idea but after a few minutes of searching on Google I discovered that the worlds idea of Carrot Slaw involves a LOT of mayonnaise or sour cream and that’s not the direction I wanted to go in. I wanted something vinegary, sharp, and that had a bite to it so it could stand up to the main dish I planned on pairing it with. After altering my search criteria I stumbled upon the joy that is carrot salad and this amazing recipe which I fell in love with.

It has gone through only slight modification.

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Roasted Cauliflower Dip

When I first set out to make this it was going to be a cauliflower mash, something that could sorta take the place of mashed potatoes. Well that failed. When I took the vegetables out of the oven they looked burned. So instead of tossing them I threw them into the food processor, threw some oil in and blended.

I had no clue what it was going to taste like but when I opened the lid to the food processor the smell was amazing. The roasted garlic smell was almost overwhelming but in a good way. When I finally did give it a taste it was amazing! The taste of the roasted garlic and cauliflower were so amazingly intense. I decided right then and there to abandon the cauliflower mash, for now, and focus on this new roasted cauliflower and garlic dip (or spread).

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Toasted Sesame Tahini Pictorial

Well it seems that this wonderful recipe didn’t make it in the move from our blog. You see this was a re-blogged article which means it came from another blog on and I was just sharing it with you on my blog.

Since I want you to go read the original article I am just going to give you the link instead of re-posting everything here.

Toasted Sesame Tahini Pictorial

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The New Year and Carrots

It’s a New Year again and as you may remember last year I made a list of goals. Today I am going to review this list and see how I did. I am also going to take a new approach as to how I go about next year’s list. I wanted to get this out before New Year’s Eve but I waited until the last day and then I had a bad treatment, oh well.

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Lemon-Dill Carrots



Man it’s been a while hasn’t it? I suppose I have gotten lost in all of the projects I have been involved in. That and I just switched to a new clinic and I am just getting use to my new 5:30 AM wake up time. Yeah, first shift is killing me but at least I get my weekends and evenings back. Well I have stumbled upon a small issue as of late, my camera has stopped working. Until I get a new one or start using my iPhone I will be snagging images off of Google Images. The above image is very close to what I made today. Yeah I even used my mandolin to cut full grown carrots on the bias. Trust me, it looks nice but its easier to use baby carrots.

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Friday Night Dinner: 10/12/12

Sorry about no photo but hey it’s better than no update at all right?

So I had this idea; “What if I just sit down on Friday nights after eating dinner and just tell you guys what I had for dinner?” Then I remembered that I am usually at a friend’s house on Friday nights. Though, we haven’t been doing that for a while now. Then I thought; “Why not just make it a random thing? Like once a week.”  At least this will get me posting once a week.

So here we go!

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