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My day out with the wife

Don’t worry, this involves the blog and food at some point.

The wife and I slept in today, and when I say slept in I mean until 3pm. I have no idea how we managed that but since we didn’t have much to do today we decided to turn the alarm clock off. Our first stop was to the  local restaurant supply store, Dine, since they close at 6pm and it was close to 4pm by the time we got out of the house.

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A gift of awesome

I got a late and unexpected birthday present tonight! This book has been sitting on my Amazon wish-list for a couple of years now, though I am not complaining at all. It’s the one, the only “Alton Brown’s Gear for Your Kitchen“! It’s been very hard for me to put this book down all night. Then I made an amazing discovery, Alton tucked in a few recipes here and there in the book as well. It may be a little unmanly but…*Squee!*

This has just added fuel to my fire so to speak. I have always had a passion for cooking but lately I haven’t had much of a passion for anything. But with this gift, and the fact that I came up with over 45 recipe ideas yesterday, I am hoping to revitalize my passion for cooking.

It was very hard work but I think I have come up with some great dialysis friendly recipes lately. I just tested one tonight and it was amazing!….I really should have taken a photo of it before the wife and I ate it all but it wasn’t that photogenic anyway.

Speaking of which, I have really gotten into photography lately. I still have my old Sony Cybershot that my parents got for me back in 2006 I think. It doesn’t have the best manual control ever but so far its been a great camera to learn on. Why? Because it was free! Yeah I know, I’m cheap. To be honest I might not have gotten into photography if it wasn’t for the fact that I already had a camera. What I REALLY want is a Canon Rebel (I’m not sure which one yet) but have you seen the price tag on that thing? It’s over $500! Oh well, maybe one day I will have a nice basic SLR.

I am feeling really good about this project again, lets hope it sticks this time.

Well I am off to bed. I have to be up for treatment in about seven hours from now.

Keep being awesome,

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