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Project 2014: May Update

Can you believe that it’s already May? It’s been five months since a lot of us have made New Years Resolutions. I wonder how many people are keeping their resolutions? I know I have been pretty bad at it. Usually I would say “Though, it’s not for a lack of trying” but in this case I can’t. It turns out that out of sight really is out of mind. I had forgotten all about my list because I never saw it. I have hence solved this problem by printing the list out and placing right on my freezer door so every time I walk up to the refrigerator it is at eye level.

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National Kidney Month 2014

Sorry about the absence folks. Somehow or other I managed to get something in my eye and  with my luck it managed to scratch my cornea. Yes, it is exactly as painful as you might imagine. So I’ve been sitting in the dark for a while and taking a break from electronics.

It’s March and you know what that means, even if you don’t, Happy National Kidney Month!

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Project 2014

If you have read Project 2012 then you know that I hate the idea of New Years resolutions because people rarely stick to them. I do however love the idea of a New Year Plan. What’s the difference?

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Winter is Coming!

Yeah, I’ve never watched the show or even read the books. Winter is coming though and I am woefully under prepared. Which means that all of my spare resources will have to be spent getting winter clothing so I don’t turn into a Popsicle.

My sister, who has lived here for six or so years, tells me that the Winter in Western New York is nothing like the Winters in any part of Kentucky. In Kentucky we measured snow in inches, here they measure it in feet. A few inches would shut all of Louisville down for a day or two. Four feet is normal for Buffalo and Lockport, they just keep on going like nothing happened.

I was going to use my spare money to buy a router and then get Internet service but instead I have elected to buy things like a coat, and boots so I don’t freeze when I have to wait on the bus. So that leaves the blog dormant for another month at least. If all goes well then I should be up and running in November. Until then you can keep up with me on Twitter as I do have occasional Internet access during treatment and at the local Library.

Buffalo Kidney Walk: 2013

I can’t believe that the Buffalo Kidney Walk is just one day away! 

I’ve only been in the Buffalo NY area for about three weeks so I haven’t had much time to prepare for fundraising for the walk like I would have in Louisville. I am however amazed that we have raised almost $200 in just a week or so of fundraising!

I was a little confused by the walk at first as it is not an official National Kidney Foundation walk. After a little research I found out that the walk is actually sponsored by the Northeast Kidney Foundation and that the money stays in the more local area instead of getting disbursed around. After some thought I’ve decided that I’m totally fine with local money staying local. 

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Big Changes

Yup, that’s right, I’m in Buffalo NY!

Recently I have gone through some life changes that have forced me to move and rather quickly. I only had less than a day to pack up and get here. I’m still in transition and I won’t be living on my own for at least several months. What that means for the blog is staggered updates as I won’t always have access to the kitchen to cook and photograph as I would like to.

I am going to take this time to ask people for recipes and their ideas. If you want to see your recipe on the blog either email me or click on Questions up above. 

I will also be featuring recipes from other dialysis recipes sites just so you have something to enjoy while I am getting things together. 

Keep being Awesome!


I suppose I haven’t posted anything lately because I have been muddling through my depression. Dialysis has only recently become a tolerable experience thanks to my new access. I am slowly but steadily getting my energy and a more sunny disposition back. I’m not sure when I will feel like cleaning up my kitchen and getting back to making new recipes. Lately, my kitchen has been a wreck and I have been living off of ham sandwiches day after day after day because that’s the only thing I have the energy to make.

Other then all of that I am doing well.

Just remember; “When in doubt, break the herbs and spices out!” – Me

Keep being awesome,

Dining on Dialysis: Around the World!

I was tossing around ideas the other day about how to keep me engaged in this blog project of mine, and by proxy you the reader as well. I was using the wife as a sound board and we came up with the idea of themes. Then we decided “What about dialysis friendly food around the world?” The wife wanted to call it around the world in 80 plates but I have just found out that it’s already a television show, oh well. For now anyway we shall call it “Dining on Dialysis: Around the World” until something catcher takes.

Now comes the really fun part, figuring out what countries will make the cut. I thought it would be best to make a goal to stop at, that way I have something I can achieve instead of this going on for all of eternity…or at least until December if you believe that.

The first country will be my home, the USA, and what could be more american then a hamburger? right? Don’t worry, you wont have to wait very long either. I already have the recipe all tested, typed up, and calculated so I will be ready to roll soon.

So now I look to you, hopefully someone is reading this, to submit some ideas for countries you want to see make the list. All you have to do is go to the top of the page, click Questions, and fill out the form…or just click here and fill out the form.

This is your chance to make me cook something you want to eat!

Keep being awesome,

What’s been going on

I suppose it would have been a good idea to tell everyone what is going on with me. On May 14th I had a Basilic Vein Transposition surgery. Basicly they moved the basilic vien from the bottom of my arm to the top so it could be used as an access. I am just now able to move around normally. Hopefully in the next few weeks I will be up and posting recipes again.

Keep being awesome,

Project 2012: Update 01

The Goals:

  1. Stop drinking store bought soda by April.
  2. Stop consuming dairy products of any kind (except the occasional cheese at a get together) by February.
  3. Take my blood pressure twice a day on non-dialysis days by February.
  4.  Come up with a system to make sure I always take my phosphorous binders with every meal by February.
  5. Come up with a system to make sure that I am not going over my liquid restriction by March.
  6. Start exercising five minutes a day the first week of January, ten minutes the second week, and so on until I reach thirty minutes a day.
  7. Go outside once a day by March is weather allows.
  8. Start making a weekly meal plan and stick with it by April.
  9. Make one new recipe for the blog once a week by March.
  10. Write my wife a love note once a week by March.
  11. Find ways to spend more time with my wife by March.

Impressive isn’t it? I came up with all of those things to help improve my state of being. Want to know how its working out so far? Okay. Just remember, YOU asked for it!

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