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Crispy Chicken

This is one of my favorite weekday recipes it’s fast, easy, and you can make a large batch because they store and reheat well. Have you every gone to a Chinese restaurant and had General Tsos or Sesame Chicken? Well this isn’t exactly like that because we don’t deep fry the chicken but this is the same batter they use to make the chicken so crispy. One of my favorite things to do is dip the chicken in different types of mustard or toss it with some hot sauce.

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Buffalo Kidney Walk 2014

We are just a week away from this years Kidney Walk in Buffalo! I know I know it’s a bit late to be writing about this but hey look on the bright side, last year I waited until the day before to write anything. See? Improvement! 

I will be doing my part by walking again this year and by raising money for the fundraiser. This year I want to talk about why it is important to donate to the Kidney Walk.

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Summer Tip: Ice Cream Substitute

It’s hot.

If you are anything like me all you want is a large glass of Ice Tea or even better Ice Cream, but we both know that we shouldn’t. The more fluid we put on before treatment is more fluid that we have to carry and that our hearts have to deal with. Then we have even more to take off during treatment and that leads to cramping and low blood pressure. 

So what are we to do?

Well I stumbled on an interesting solution that not only cooled me down, slaked my thirst, and proved to be a healthy snack.

What is this amazing thing?

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Cajun Chicken

Way back on Mardi Gras I tried to make a Cajun chicken pasta. I pretty much followed the standard recipe and the only things I changed is that I omitted salt, butter, and heavy cream. Yeah, it kind of turns out that those are the three things that make Cajun chicken pasta amazing. Last weekend it hit me that the chicken itself tasted fine it was the sauce that was horrid. Don’t ever try to use Almond Milk as a replacement for heavy cream in savory recipes, it just sucks. This time around I just decided to make the chicken and then put it over some rice, I have to say it turned out nicely.

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Cajun Seasoning

Cajun Seasoning is another one of my favorite spice mixtures, I will end up using it on anything from chicken, to fish, to my morning eggs.

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My Favorite Taco

This has to be my all time favorite taco! I had bought a box of taco shells in the grocery store last week and thought to myself “I haven’t had tacos in months! I haven’t had homemade tacos in I don’t remember when.” Well I suppose technically I’ve never had a homemade taco but I am far to lazy to actually use masa flour to made my own corn tortillas and then fry them. I bought everything I needed that day to make tacos at home, ground beef, taco shells, jalapeƱos, onions, I even bought a small jar of hot salsa. Then I went home, cleaned, did laundry, and was so tired at the end of the day that I just made a sandwich. A week passed and I forgot all about tacos. Then one day I was looking around the kitchen trying to get inspired to make something when I noticed the box of taco shells.

I was also feeling very lazy and I didn’t want to get to involved in some big project. Then I had the idea of putting a vinegar based carrot slaw on the tacos to give them a bit of an acidic bite and even more crunch, feel free to read the Carrot Salad recipe to see how that turned out. I also didn’t want to make some involved taco seasoning recipe either, I was feeling very lazy and just wanted to eat dinner soon. I looked around the spice cabinet and found some leftover homemade Chili Powder, I had just about a Tablespoon and decided that it would do. So I ended up making the Carrot Salad as the taco shells were baking and the meat was browning, all and all it didn’t take very long.

That first bite of the taco was amazing! It was everything I had hoped for. Crispy, crunchy, acidic, and taco-y if there is such a word.

Now I know that after looking at the nutrition that the Potassium in this recipe can be a little high depending on how many tacos you eat which is why I have provided the nutritional information for a taco without the Carrot Salad.

Don’t forget to look at our Chili Powder recipe for an easy salt-free Chili Powder!

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Chili Powder

This is another key element in my mystery meal. I just like to keep you guessing.

I decided to make my own Salt-Free Chili Powder because it was just too hard to find it in the grocery store. I have to say that while I’ve been on dialysis I have become very creative in my cooking. I don’t need to go out and find packets of seasonings, or cans of Sloppy Joe mix, or any of those salt-laden things. All I need is a well stocked pantry and I am good to go.  Though, a few printed recipes in a three-ring binder help too.

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Project 2014: May Update

Can you believe that it’s already May? It’s been five months since a lot of us have made New Years Resolutions. I wonder how many people are keeping their resolutions? I know I have been pretty bad at it. Usually I would say “Though, it’s not for a lack of trying” but in this case I can’t. It turns out that out of sight really is out of mind. I had forgotten all about my list because I never saw it. I have hence solved this problem by printing the list out and placing right on my freezer door so every time I walk up to the refrigerator it is at eye level.

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Carrot Salad

Image and Recipe idea courtesy of The Nourishing Gourmet

I was in the kitchen pondering what I could make for dinner when all of a sudden I had a brilliant idea. I am not going to tell you the full scope of this idea but I will tell you that this amazing recipe is what goes on top of it, you’ll just have to come back to find out.

Carrot Slaw is what I originally wanted to put on top of my idea but after a few minutes of searching on Google I discovered that the worlds idea of Carrot Slaw involves a LOT of mayonnaise or sour cream and that’s not the direction I wanted to go in. I wanted something vinegary, sharp, and that had a bite to it so it could stand up to the main dish I planned on pairing it with. After altering my search criteria I stumbled upon the joy that is carrot salad and this amazing recipe which I fell in love with.

It has gone through only slight modification.

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Dinner Rolls

I was sitting around thinking about dinner when it hit me: “I cook one thing and I eat just that one thing.” It could be a pork chop and I would just have the pork chop by itself and that’s all. That’s when I decided that night I would have an actual meal, not just dinner. I thought about it some more and I decided that all I needed to do was add a salad or a vegetable side-dish to my plate and some sort of bread. Just for the record I love bread, not just eating it but I love everything about making bread by hand. After a little thinking I decided that the easiest thing to do was make dinner rolls, which is something I have never done before. Thanks to the wonders of the Internet it took me all of about ten minutes to figure out the basics of roll making.

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