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Dinner Rolls

I was sitting around thinking about dinner when it hit me: “I cook one thing and I eat just that one thing.” It could be a pork chop and I would just have the pork chop by itself and that’s all. That’s when I decided that night I would have an actual meal, not just dinner. I thought about it some more and I decided that all I needed to do was add a salad or a vegetable side-dish to my plate and some sort of bread. Just for the record I love bread, not just eating it but I love everything about making bread by hand. After a little thinking I decided that the easiest thing to do was make dinner rolls, which is something I have never done before. Thanks to the wonders of the Internet it took me all of about ten minutes to figure out the basics of roll making.

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The Basics: White Bread

Though I am still out of it while recovering from my pulled tooth I had an idea. When I posted the “Basics” yesterday it occurred to me that I do a lot of things every day that I take for granted. For example, I was making bread for the week. This is something I do all the time. Its nothing special to me really. But it got me thinking; this is exactly the kind of thing I should be sharing! So here is my go to bread. Since the bread in the store is loaded with sodium and other crap that we just don’t need I set out to make a renal friendly white bread for sandwiches. I have been eating this bread for almost a year now. Hope you enjoy it!

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Zucchini Bread

This is one of my all time favorite holiday desserts. When I was a kid my next door neighbor would make us two of these around the holidays. I never understood why my mother would freeze the second one. The first one would never last that long. Though her’s were always baked in a bread pan so when they came to us they looked like tinfoil wrapped bricks, tasty, tasty bricks. Now a days I prefer mine in more of a coffee cake style. That and I am obsessed with my bunt pan. I didn’t add any nuts to this recipe because not only can they be a little harmful to us I just never had them in this growing up.

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