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Product Review: Biscoff

Let me start by saying I love this product. I’m not being paid nor was I asked to do this review by anyone. I’m doing this because sometimes a product comes along that just changes the things you do and you want to share it with everyone you know. Luckily for me I have a blog so I can share this with a lot of people I have never even met.

Biscoff is a delightful little cookie and a cookie spread that holds some wondrous surprises for we dialysis patients and people in renal failure. For one these products have very little sodium, they also have very little potassium, and here comes the biggest surprise of all, they have NO phosphorus!

That’s right, this is a phosphorous free product! How do I know about the potassium and phosphorus contents? Simple, I contacted the company directly and asked.

We will get to the nutrition soon, I promise. By the way, if you got here using tags, they only apply to the very last thing in this post.

First I want to talk about the three different products I will be focusing on.

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