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Emergency Preparedness: Winter Displacement

So here I am at my sisters house. Why am I at my sisters house you ask? Because Western New York is under it’s first Blizzard Warning since 1993 and my city instituted a driving ban. Now I can’t get home because the taxi company that Medicaid assigned to me can’t and won’t drive to my city.

Here I am after my treatment with no medication at all other than my binders.

There is a lesson here, and that lesson is “Always be prepared.”

I’m sure my old Den Mother and Troop Leader are shaking their heads at me right about now. You would think after all of that time in the Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts that I would have actually took this to heart.

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Project 2014

If you have read Project 2012┬áthen you know that I hate the idea of New Years resolutions because people rarely stick to them. I do however love the idea of a New Year Plan. What’s the difference?

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