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Winter is Coming!

Yeah, I’ve never watched the show or even read the books. Winter is coming though and I am woefully under prepared. Which means that all of my spare resources will have to be spent getting winter clothing so I don’t turn into a Popsicle.

My sister, who has lived here for six or so years, tells me that the Winter in Western New York is nothing like the Winters in any part of Kentucky. In Kentucky we measured snow in inches, here they measure it in feet. A few inches would shut all of Louisville down for a day or two. Four feet is normal for Buffalo and Lockport, they just keep on going like nothing happened.

I was going to use my spare money to buy a router and then get Internet service but instead I have elected to buy things like a coat, and boots so I don’t freeze when I have to wait on the bus. So that leaves the blog dormant for another month at least. If all goes well then I should be up and running in November. Until then you can keep up with me on Twitter as I do have occasional Internet access during treatment and at the local Library.

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