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Lemony Addiction – Lemon Simple Syrup

Note: The above picture isn’t mine but it looks close enough. My camera is going to be on hiatus for a while.

Last week I decided to stop drinking soda. Oh, wait, that was on my new years resolution wasn’t it? Oh well, I am at least doing better than when I started this year. Now at least I only have soda when we go out or go to a friend’s house. Anyway, I decided to drink more tea. It should be noted I dislike ice tea. I know, I know, “a Kentucky boy who can’t stand ice or sweet tea? Impossible!” Well, here I am. One thing I do like is a Half and Half, also known as an Arnold Palmer. If you don’t know what this is it’s usually a 50/50 mix of ice or sweet tea and lemonade. Then it hit me to add lemon to my tea. I was sold on the first sip! I absolutely loved it! After a week or so I decided that although I can easily keep lemon juice in my refrigerator I wanted to try and make something similar to an Arnold Palmer. I didn’t want lemonade in the fridge or else I might drink it all the time and just let the tea sit there. That’s when it hit me, a simple syrup with lemon juice! It would be so amazingly simple, all I have to do is add a splash here and there to have a sweetener and lemon flavor added to my tea! After some tinkering here is what I came up with.

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Friday Night Dinner: 10/12/12

Sorry about no photo but hey it’s better than no update at all right?

So I had this idea; “What if I just sit down on Friday nights after eating dinner and just tell you guys what I had for dinner?” Then I remembered that I am usually at a friend’s house on Friday nights. Though, we haven’t been doing that for a while now. Then I thought; “Why not just make it a random thing? Like once a week.”  At least this will get me posting once a week.

So here we go!

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