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Dining on Dialysis: Around the World!

I was tossing around ideas the other day about how to keep me engaged in this blog project of mine, and by proxy you the reader as well. I was using the wife as a sound board and we came up with the idea of themes. Then we decided “What about dialysis friendly food around the world?” The wife wanted to call it around the world in 80 plates but I have just found out that it’s already a television show, oh well. For now anyway we shall call it “Dining on Dialysis: Around the World” until something catcher takes.

Now comes the really fun part, figuring out what countries will make the cut. I thought it would be best to make a goal to stop at, that way I have something I can achieve instead of this going on for all of eternity…or at least until December if you believe that.

The first country will be my home, the USA, and what could be more american then a hamburger? right? Don’t worry, you wont have to wait very long either. I already have the recipe all tested, typed up, and calculated so I will be ready to roll soon.

So now I look to you, hopefully someone is reading this, to submit some ideas for countries you want to see make the list. All you have to do is go to the top of the page, click Questions, and fill out the form…or just click here and fill out the form.

This is your chance to make me cook something you want to eat!

Keep being awesome,

What’s been going on

I suppose it would have been a good idea to tell everyone what is going on with me. On May 14th I had a Basilic Vein Transposition surgery. Basicly they moved the basilic vien from the bottom of my arm to the top so it could be used as an access. I am just now able to move around normally. Hopefully in the next few weeks I will be up and posting recipes again.

Keep being awesome,

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