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Project 2012: Update 01

The Goals:

  1. Stop drinking store bought soda by April.
  2. Stop consuming dairy products of any kind (except the occasional cheese at a get together) by February.
  3. Take my blood pressure twice a day on non-dialysis days by February.
  4.  Come up with a system to make sure I always take my phosphorous binders with every meal by February.
  5. Come up with a system to make sure that I am not going over my liquid restriction by March.
  6. Start exercising five minutes a day the first week of January, ten minutes the second week, and so on until I reach thirty minutes a day.
  7. Go outside once a day by March is weather allows.
  8. Start making a weekly meal plan and stick with it by April.
  9. Make one new recipe for the blog once a week by March.
  10. Write my wife a love note once a week by March.
  11. Find ways to spend more time with my wife by March.

Impressive isn’t it? I came up with all of those things to help improve my state of being. Want to know how its working out so far? Okay. Just remember, YOU asked for it!

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